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PROJECT 365: DAY 198


Took this about 5 minutes ago. This is one of my cats, Rainy. For some reason, even though there is a perfectly good cat flap in the back door, he takes the time and effort to climb all the way up to sit on my windowsill on the second storey of our house and yowls there until we let him in.
And thats where he is now.

I will never understand cats. Never.

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The black cat saga continues..

 So. After disappearing at about 8 this morning, she reappeared an hour ago, about 9pm.
I have no idea where she went in the meantime, but my dad was having dinner in the dining room, and she pushed her way through the downstairs entrance, and started scratching at the inside door.

So we've given her a cup of food, water and also a makeshift bed to sleep in.
Turns out she doesn't want to eat, drink or sleep.

Slightly confused.
She is gorgeous nonetheless, but I am sure she belongs to someone.
Currently working on the theory that her owners have gone away on holiday and left her behind, maybe she got lonely or panicked and ran out looking for company.

Anyway, we've put an old collar of our cats on her, if she comes back without it in the morning, then we'll know her owners have taken it off...or she's pulled it off herself...i just don't want her getting picked up by the RSPCA and taken to a cattery.
Not until I find her owner.

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PROJECT 365: DAY 193 (more on the black cat)


The black cat is definitely female, woke up at 6:30am, she was still there, i.e. 4 hours after i first saw her, she was still sitting on our windowsill!
let her have free run of the house for half an hour, she didn't want food or drink, just wanted to run around and check everything out..

if i didn't know better i'd say she was casing the joint....
haha i think we have a possible cat burglar on our hands!

one of my cats is looking at her as i type.
but she's a very healthy cat...makes my two look like a pair of a strays lol!
we put her back outside on the windowsill so we could let our own cats in, one of them hissed at her and ran away, the other one is currently sitting on the inside of the window watching her through the glass.
i think we have a smitten kitten on our hands ;)

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PROJECT 365: DAY 193 (Black cat on my windowsill!)


It is currently 2.30am, Thursday morning. I have been woken up by the most beautiful black cat sitting on the windowsill of my living room.
My first response to my dad?
"Do you think they've dyed one of our ginger cats black?"
But it is meowing incessantly and standing on its hind legs asking to be let in.
Unfortunately dad said we can't as it'll frighten our own cats, but if it's still there in the morning...well..later this morning...we'll have to do something about it.
Left it a little cup of milk on the windowsill to drink out of
Such a lovely cat, hope its okay.

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