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So this morning, tube strikes, awful transport service etc etc, I got fed up with college (I'm in year 13) as I was completely exhausted from working so hard, and decided to take off wandering around Soho for the day.

I went to London Bridge and found half the tube stations were closed! But I went to Green Park to try and change onto the PIcadilly Line, but then I found THAT was closed too..

So I asked one of the guys in bright yellow jackets if there was anyway that I could get to Leicester Square tube station (I wanted to go to the National Gallery, which is  walking distance from there) and he told me to take the no. 14 bus towards Shaftesbury Avenue.

So after about 20 mins of almost getting hit by cars, crossing back and forth across a dual carriageway trying to find which bus I needed to take and in which direction, I finally caught the no. 14 and got off when I recognised chinatown near leicester square.

I started walking towards what i THOUGHT was trafalgar square and the national gallery, but ended up being somewhere I absolutely didnt recognise. So I asked someone where trafalgar square was and they pointed in the opposite direction to which I had been walking. So I started walking back the other way. By the time I got back to where I had gotten off the damn bus in the first place, I had been walking for over 35 minutes, and even though I have been to the National Gallery many times before, I JUST COULD NOT FIGURE OUT WHERE IT WAS.

I knew I was in Soho because I recognised the street names.. Wardour St, Greek St... Old Compton rd... etc. and I started wandering down these hoping to see somewhere I recognised. I didn't. And after a 15 minute rest sitting on the benches of Soho Square Gardens I decided to try across the road and wandered up Greek Street (past the Viet Noodle Bar which Benedict Cumberbatch mentioned he liked in an interview with the evening standard...hee hee) and just kept on walking.

I eventually found Shaftesbury Avenue again and DID NOT KNOW WHERE I WAS. I was near Cambridge Circus but that didn't help me one bit. (Didn't even know there was a Cambridge Circus until today)

I started wandering down Shaftesbury Avenue with the 'Marquis of Granby' pub on my right. This soon lead onto Earlham St, where there was a market stall FULL OF HATS.

And I remember thinking to myself 'Oh I need a hat...' then realising they cost far more than I had.
I;m telling you this because this is the last thought I had before I saw a man in a red puffa jacket coming down the road the opposite direction to me. The colour of his jacket caught my eye, i mean it was BRIGHT RED, and i thought 'Oh he looks a lot like Martin Fr...HOLY CRAP'

He walked right past me and I was SO SHOCKED. I turned on my heel and started following him at a safe distance (wow this is starting to sound creepy..I promise you it doesn't end in a restraining order..)
And he walked back the way I had come, past the pub, and I kept trying to get up the courage to talk to him, but it was always awkward, like just when he was crossing a road or something (don't think he'd be too fond of me if i got him hit by a car..)
But then as luck would have it, he needed to wait at the lights at Cambridge Circus near the pub, to get across the road.
So i waited behind him. And the lights werent changing for what felt like an INFINITE amount of time, with me standing there trying to think of the best thing to say to him. When finally I just went.. enunciating like I've never enunciated before

'Sorry, but I just wanted to tell you that I'm a huge fan of yours!'

And he turned around and smiled! And he looked so surprised bless him!
he replied with

'Oh thank you! Thank you very much!'

The lights changed JUST THEN and he walked across the road, as did I, but he went straight across, whereas I veered off to the left, crossing another road, until we were walking down opposite sides of Charing Cross Road!
The red of his puffa jacket bobbing up and down in my peripheral vision!
And my heart was beating SOOOO FAST I WAS GOING MENTAL.

I tried ringing my friend while walking down the street to scream in her ear about what had happened, but she wasn't picking up, just as I put the phone down I saw him crossing the road towards me!
This was when I was near a bus stop marked 'Denmark St' approaching Foyles Bookshop, and he walked JUST ahead of me, keeping pace for about 2 seconds before he turned around, PUT HIS HAND ON MY RIGHT ARM AND SAID TO ME

'Don't worry I'm not stalking you! Not following you or anything hahaha'
and he chuckled and smiled at me, before (much to my disappointment) taking his hand off my arm *sniffle*

and I just went 'Oh no! Its okay!" and smiled back at him while laughing (trying not to faint under his touch)

(this all took place at 11 this morning, and let me tell you, was FAR MORE INTERESTING than A-level maths..)

He then walked on and i slowed my pace a bit, he stopped outside Soho Original Books and  he looked in the window display (about 3 feet to the right of where he was looking was a flashing pink neon sign that said 'Licensed Sex Shop Downstairs' which made me giggle endlessly)

Then he went into the shop next to the book shop which was The Soho Gallery, and stood just in the doorway of that, chatting to a man for about 5 or 10 mins (YES I DID HANG AROUND OF COURSE)

Then he came out of the gallery and went down Manette Street (between Soho Original Books and Foyles)

and I think i died a little.

Then 5 minutes later i just thought 'oh screw it' and went down that street also, but it just led to what seemed to be a dead end.
So i gave up and went into foyles bookshop for a little while, trying not to scream, then when I came out I noticed a place called 'The Borderline'..no idea what it was, but it seemed the only likely place he could have gone.

Then I sorted of twitched in ecstasy on the bus ride home.

and now I'm here. typing this. and being unbelievably insane let me tell you. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH

Its just a shame i didnt have a camera :(

(what really bugs me is that i have the tube strikes to THANK for this.. for if they were all in working order.. i would have gotten to leicester square no problem and had a perfectly ordinary day......it was fate. it had to be ;p)

really what amazes me is the fact that there are MILLIONS of people in london, THOUSANDS of places to go, and lets be frank, Martin is not the ONLY actor out there. But of all the people, actors, whoever I could have run into, I RAN INTO HIM!

i will never get over this. never.




that is all :D
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